10 Years of Food Fads


I am absolutely thrilled to share with you that Tara’s Table has been in business for 10 years this year! You’ve probably seen it splashed all over our social media – well, it is quite an achievement and I’m very proud! 

It’s been a rollercoaster of deliciousness, with some firm favourites keeping their places on our menus, new ideas coming up all the time, but always seasonal food.  Food tastes have changed so much in this time and it’s been really fun keeping up with them all, developing an entirely vegan canapé menu for one thing, and devising ways of being imaginatively gluten free and dairy free whilst maintaining our sustainable ethos along the way. 

The question is, how best to celebrate 10 years of business?  I decided about a year ago, I would write a book to chart my 10 years of cooking, so my book ‘10 Years of Food Fads’ has just been published and is available for sale on Amazon.  This has been a really fun project and I’ve enjoyed it so much, narrowing it down to just 10 ingredients, one to mark each year in business, and writing and cooking recipes as well as drawing sketches for each one, combining my love of art and cooking. 

They say that everyone has a book in them, so here’s a little excerpt from mine to whet your appetite:

I have a really good excuse for writing a book. Not only is it a passion, a hobby and a profession but I was also born in a dining room. My paternal grandmother’s house was converted into a maternity hospital (yes, she was very posh indeed) and when my mother was in labour, my grandmother came in and asked “What are you doing in the dining room?”, “Having a baby” my mother replied. So yes, I was born in a dining room at 8.15pm which I think you will find is a very respectable supper time!”

 … and a shameless plug to go and order your copy here

Here’s a virtual toast to the next 10 years!

About Us

Tara is an award-winning chef and author, who started out in top restaurant kitchens in Bristol before setting up her own business in 2010. She is a Judge at The Taste of the West Awards, and in her private life, Tara is an avid cook, fermenter and eater and loves teaching others how to do the same! Tara published her first book, 10 Years of Food Fads, in 2020 to celebrate 10 years of business.